Stratification patterns in central NH lakes

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lake monitoring , Squam Lake , stratification , chemical properties , Student Showcase of Excellence 2017
Ness, Tristan
Boisvert, Brandon
From May to August of 2016, we conducted sampling and analyses of three bodies of water in central NH: Squam Lake, Ossipee Lake, and Lower Danforth Pond. This was done in order to identify and assess lake stratification patterns as well as the related physical and chemical properties of these water bodies. Sampling was done with the help of the Squam Lakes Association, as well as the Green Mountain Conservation Group and affiliated volunteers. Samples were delivered to the NH state labs in Concord for most of the chemical analyses, as well as assessed using the facilities in Boyd Hall at Plymouth State University. Additional testing for Carbon/Nitrogen ratios was conducted at Salem State University by their lab personnel. This report will present, assess, and draw hypotheses from the data we collected with regards to the stratification patterns of Squam Lake and Lower Danforth Pond and how these patterns may relate to the presence of metals and chemicals in the water column.