Sleep deprivation in hospitalized patients

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement 2018
Bateman, Rachel
This paper explores five published articles that report on research conducted about sleep deprivation in hospitalized patients. Many patients who spend the night in a hospital bed experience reduced quality of sleep due to various disruptions to sleep including alarms, staff noises and nurses doing care. Studies have shown that patients who are ill or are injured need an increase in sleep to speed up recovery time. Sleep quality restores function, promotes health, and provides a feeling of well-being. Sleep disturbances are associated with negative outcomes such as fatigue, negative moods, and disorientation. Many studies have shown that if nurses implement cluster care from 2200-0700 instead of typical routines there will be less sleep interruptions in older adult medical surgical patients. This literature review discusses many studies that were done to explore and describe patients sleep experiences and ways to improve the number of hours slept in hope to change the practice of night shift nurses.