The effects of reminders on procrastination

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procrastination prevention , student self report , daily reminders , psychology , Student Showcase of Research & Engagement 2018
Amoth, Colin
The purpose of this experiment is to show how procrastination behaviors may or may not be affected by daily reminders from an authoritative figure. This research may be important in understanding the factors which can alleviate procrastination. The experiment will begin with a self-report survey of the individual's perceived levels of procrastination, using the Procrastination Assessment Scale for Students (PASS). After these surveys have been collected, participants will be asked to write a 300-word essay over a relatively mundane topic, in this case this will be 'fish'. Half of the students in the experiment will receive email reminders every day for exactly a week (experimental group), while the other half will not (control group). The predictions of this researcher being that students not receiving the daily reminder will be more likely to procrastinate. Preliminary results will be presented.