Promoting health across the lifespan: relationships topics

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media , sexuality , sexual objectification , body image , healthy relationships , young adults , unhealthy relationships , communication , college students , consent , sexual violence reduction , STI , sexually transmitted infection , safe sex , unplanned pregnancies , Mathematics and sciences
Boland, Colleen
Licence, Emily
Niroula, Radhika
Lena, Amber
Kirby, Brooke
Simeti, Nick
This document contains six lesson plans. The first lesson plan is designed to address sex in U.S. culture. The second lesson plan addresses healthy young adult relationships through the lenses of warning signs of unhealthy relationships, dating violence, and through the introduction of methods to improve an unhealthy relationship. The third lesson plan discusses healthy relationships utilizing self-assessment. The fourth lesson plan includes statistics about STIs and is designed to help identify prevention behaviors for safe sex. The fifth lesson plan is designed to address the principle of consent and information about sexual violence. The sixth lesson plan is designed as a simulation game to address the decision making process for individuals affected by an STI or unplanned pregnancy and provides resources for real encounters with these events. The content is intended for college-aged students and health care professionals. Each lesson plan has a topic overview, time and format information, Healthy People 2020 Objectives, National Health Education Standards information, learning objectives, key concepts and terms, materials needed, and teaching steps. This material was developed by Plymouth State University students as a part of their coursework for Promoting Health Across the Lifespan, in fall 2016 with Dr. Barbara McCahan.