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dc.contributor.authorMuse, Felicia
dc.contributor.authorTamang, Nima
dc.contributor.authorBerglund, Julie
dc.contributor.authorOliveira, Stacey
dc.contributor.authorLemay, Allison
dc.descriptionThis document contains five lesson plans. The first lesson plan is designed to address post pregnancy parenting concerns. The second lesson plan is designed to introduce the importance of sleep scheduling, postpartum depression, warning signs, and self-care for new parents. The third lesson plan is designed to assist new parents in understanding their rights to maternity and paternity leave as a means of handling postpartum stress. The fourth lesson plans is designed to address challenges of parenting and to provide steps required to make baby food at home. The fifth lesson plan is designed to introduce the principle of mindfulness for stress management and the building of healthy relationships for new parents in dealing with postpartum stress. The content is intended for new parents and health care professionals. Each lesson plan has a topic overview, time and format information, Healthy People 2020 Objectives, National Health Education Standards information, learning objectives, key concepts and terms, materials needed, and teaching steps. This material was developed by Plymouth State University students as a part of their coursework for Promoting Health Across the Lifespan, in fall 2016 with Dr. Barbara McCahan.
dc.description.tableofcontentsContents 1. FREEDOM FROM SHOULD: Felicia Muse (CC BY-NC) Lesson Plan p. 1 2. BANISH BABY BLUES: Nima Tamang (CC BY) Lesson Plan p. 8 3. KNOWING YOUR RIGHTS TO MATERNITY AND PATERNITY LEAVE: Julie Berglund (CC BY-SA) Lesson Plan p. 15 4. MAKING HOMEMADE BABY FOOD: Stacey Oliveira (CC BY-NC) Lesson Plan p. 21 5. MINDFUL LOVE AND CARE: A TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNERING PARENT TO DEVELOP DEEPER LOVE THROUGH MINDFULNESS: Allison Lemay (CC BY) Lesson Plan p. 32
dc.publisherPlymouth State University
dc.subjectpostpartum depression
dc.subjectstress management
dc.subjectnew parents
dc.subjectmaternity leave
dc.subjectpaternity leave
dc.subjectbaby food
dc.subjectMathematics and sciences
dc.titlePromoting health across the lifespan: postpartum topics
dc.typelesson plan
dc.audienceHigh School
dc.audienceCollege Lower Division
dc.audienceCollege Upper Division

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