An exploration of mindfulness-based practices among New Hampshire high school teachers: creating caring classrooms in the Granite State

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McGlone, Denise E.
The purpose of this mixed methods study was to identify the use of mindfulness-based practices by New Hampshire public high school teachers and to explore how mindfulness-based practices inform New Hampshire public high school teachers' classroom experience. A mixed methods study utilizing a survey, focus group discussions, and individual interviews were used to conduct the research. The study participants were teachers employed at public high schools throughout the state of New Hampshire. The results of the study indicated five mindfulness-based practices among New Hampshire public high school teachers. These practices included: breathing; meditation; mindful moments; mindful pauses (breaks, quiet time, and walks); and mindful spaces (lighting, music, and smells). Results of this study also indicated that mindfulness-based practices inform classroom experience in two ways: stress management and student-teacher relationships. The results of this study support existing literature on mindfulness-based practices for teachers as a form of self-care to reduce stress and to improve student-teacher relationships.