Toward a Common Understanding of CBE Implementation

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competency-based education, CBE implementation, CBE characteristics
MacLean, Mark
New Hampshire public high schools are required to implement competency-based education (CBE) models; however, no comprehensive research describes the CBE models implemented across the state. Knowledge of implementation is a necessary precursor to determining the impact of CBE on student outcomes. The purpose of this quantitative study was to describe the extent New Hampshire’s public educational leaders have integrated the five essential CBE characteristics in the CBE models implemented at their high schools. Data were collected via a quantitative instrument distributed to New Hampshire public high school and district administrators. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential algorithms. Results indicated that a majority of participants agreed that their CBE model included explicitly stated and measured outcomes, varied and authentic assessments, timely interventions, and a focus on learner mindsets. New Hampshire public high school CBE models have yet to fully implement flexible student advancement. Teacher values and beliefs was the most significant local force impacting the implementation of each of the five CBE characteristics.