Quincy Pasture public information expansion

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Student Showcase of Excellence 2017
Eggers, Kimberly
Maher, Zachary
Lafortune, Thomas
Gulbicki, Eric
Chase, Marcus
Quincy Pasture Forest, located in Rumney, NH, is a 92-acre parcel of land owned by Pemi-Baker Land Trust. Pemi-Baker Land Trust acquired the property from The Nature Conservancy in 2002. As part of the transfer of ownership, The Nature Conservancy reserved a conservation easement on the property. The Nature Conservancy received the property in 1999 as a donation from Dr. James A. Peterson, who wished to ensure its protection into the future. The forest is located at the base of Stinson Mountain, less than a quarter mile south of the White Mountain National Forest. Tree diversity on the property is achieved both naturally and through management practices. The southern half of the property is accessible to logging practices and is composed of mixed hardwoods and white pine that is managed to ensure plant diversity and benefit wildlife habitat. The higher elevation area to the north is not accessible to logging equipment, and is composed of mainly older-growth conifers, rocky outcrops, and two wetland areas. There are two marked trails on the property with varying difficulties and sights to promote recreation and education. Quincy Pasture Forest lacks general public information on the property. Our goal is to bring general awareness to the area and attract others to this forest. Information and resources about invasive and rare species and points of interest on the property can be added to the visitors kiosk which can be useful in bringing value to existing resources on the property.