A qualitative study on how licensed-tracked female graduates from a maritime academy have advanced professionally

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McClellan, Katherine M.
This study examines the experiences of a cohort of maritime licensed female graduates from an east coast maritime academy. The women being studied were employed in the maritime trades and sailed on various United States Coast Guard licenses. Literature was examined both worldwide and within the United States. The methodology used for this qualitative study is phenomenological and describes key aspects of the lived experience for this particular group of female officers. This study also explores how these women have advanced professionally within the maritime domain. Interviews were based on random sampling of females who received U.S. Coast Guard licenses in Marine Engineering and Marine Transportation from 2006 to 2016. The findings are multifaceted and complex in nature. The results show, in part, how the experiences of these women might be better understood and acknowledged.These stories shed light on the successes and challenges of these women and point to opportunities for more research and future horizons for women in the maritime professions.