Bring communities together through agriculture

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement Spring 2019
Shealy, Emily
The research poster I will be submitting was an assigned poster project for my Environmental Planning class with professor Steven Whitman. I enjoyed this project and decided to take a deeper look into the social, economic and environmental impacts of sustainable agriculture. How it can create partnerships, stimulate local economies and benefit our natural environment by promoting sustainable practices. This could be though community gardens, farmers markets and green infrastructure. A lack of localized community involvement can impact a community's sense of place and overall well being. Through this poster, I hope to make an example of how traditional commercial agriculture is unsustainable and will not support are ever-growing population. When we look to the future for innovative ways to produce food we ask, where will it come from? Do we know where the source of our food is coming from now? I aim to open people's prospective into smart consumerism and conscience community effort. How small actions can lead to big impacts, not only on ourselves but our communities as a whole. Through environmental planning agricultural can be set in motion with sustainable practices in mind and transform communities.