Building Connections Between School Staff and Families with Mobile Friendly Digital Tools

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technology, communication, primary students, family, rural, home-school communication, digital tools
DeCamp, Kathleen
An abstract of the dissertation of Kathleen DeCamp for the degree of Doctor of Education in Leadership, Learning, and Community Presented on Date: June 28, 2022 Title: Building Connections Between School Staff and Families with Mobile Friendly Digital Tools Abstract approved: Name: Marcel Lebrun Dissertation Committee Chair The purpose of this study was to determine if mobile-friendly digital tools have an impact in K-2 classrooms in rural New Hampshire Schools. The research questions on which this study focused were: Does a digital tool improve adult-support involvement in a K-2 classroom? What features of digital tools are important to K-2 teachers and adult supports at home? The survey participants for this study consisted of 31 principals, 19 teachers and 34 parent/adult supports of kindergarten-second grade students. This totaled 84 participants from 23 different rural New Hampshire schools. Results from this research study found that families preferred communication that was accessible via cellular devices and through applications that were easy to use. Survey results also showed that digital communications can be successfully used for two- way communication as well. 84 % of families felt they could easily respond and communicate back digitally to the school. Teachers and families also had positive responses to using mobile-friendly digital tools for communication. 68% of teachers, families and principals believe that the digital tool they use makes it easier to communicate between home and school.