Choreographic process and performance

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement 2018
Fox, Kendra
Morrissette, Elizabeth
Morrissette, Erica
Stone, Molly
Ladegard, Abigail
Harisiades, Kasey
"Nerves" (choreographed by Kendra Fox) is an original dance composition created for five dancers that explores musicality, partnering and the artistry of each dancer. Created for an open space, the work can be performed on a stage or in a site-specific location. The piece formed as an investigation of space, shape and time, and was propelled forward to performance with the support of the Baroni Family Dance Entrepreneurship Grant. "Nerves" was first showcased at the American College Dance Association's regional festival at Boston University in February 2018 as a culmination and synthesis of movement principles and concepts in choreographic form. Through continued investigation and exploration of physicality and relationships between the dancers, the piece has taken on its current form. The newest version of the work will be performed under a new title at the Spring 2018 Contemporary Dance Ensemble with PSU Choirs Collaborative Showcase.