Sustainable development goal #3 good health and well-being: maternal and child health

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement Fall 2019
Beitzel, Mary
The United Nations General Assembly has created 17 global goals labeled Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create a more peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable planet. The 2030 agenda calls for action of all countries in a global partnership to end poverty, create economic growth, reduce inequalities, and address climate change by preserving life on land and in water. Sustainable Goal #3, focuses on ensuring healthy lifestyles and sustaining well-being. This poster concentrates on maternal and child health by identifying the targets of SDG #3, indicators of how we measure progress and actors involved. The goal of this poster was to create awareness of this Sustainable Development Goal and what individuals, states, and organizations are working towards to achieve the 2030 targets. Progress has been made, although there needs to be continuous effort throughout all countries in order to accomplish the standards set in the SDGs.