Parental involvement and the enhancement in students' academic performances

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement 2018
Carberry, Samantha
The purpose of this study is to compare reading data and statistics on students in Title One as well as the general education classroom in my school. This reading data will show a comparison of students' reading abilities based upon parental involvement. Also, an event will be held, Family Reading Night, for students in grades K-4 and their parents to take part in a night of fun reading activities. The main focus of this project is to get parents involved with their child's education community. The basis of this research is to find ways that educators can create an engaging learning environment for parents to become involved with their children. Parental involvement enhances the academic performances of students with the support they are provided outside of the school community. It affects their academic performance from the start of schooling and before entering grade school, compared to not having any parental support. Also, education can differentiate ways that educators can improve parental involvement in students' lives as well as school communities (before grade school and while attending grade school).