High times: social media audience engagement analysis

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Communication & Media Studies
Pedro, Kara
The first edition of High Times Magazine was published in 1974 by Tom Forcade, and since then has been informing everyone between novice to expert marijuana enthusiasts on all things cannabis related. Whether it be fascinating articles on new growing techniques, updates on legislation, or exciting findings in medical research, High Times Magazine is covering it all. Since the first edition of the magazine, High Times has created a name for itself that entails much more than just a magazine publication. Included in their "about us" section on their webpage; High Times states the following about their brand, "High Times is much more than a magazine. Today, High Times transcends the print, digital and physical worlds through magazines, websites, apps, and live events." (About High Times). After reviewing the presence of High Times Magazine on multiple social media sites including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it is clear they are highly advanced in recognizing how to reach their customers through each platform that is anticipated to have the most target audience engagement, by optimizing their posts High Times earns itself a large fan base with high ratings of customer loyalty and brand trust.