Social media analysis of the Minnesota Wild

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social media , sports promotion , branding , Student Showcase of Excellence 2017
Davis, Mariah
This original report analyzes the social media presence of hockey brand the Minnesota Wild. It critiques the brand's use of social media by looking at their presence on different social media platforms, including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. By examining current platform use, I identify what makes the Minnesota Wild different, how they gain followers, and specific strategies they use to engage their audience. The goal is to identify characteristics that differentiate this particular brand from its competitors. Along with that, I also analyze whether or not the current social media strategy they are using is working, or not, and how they can make it better in the future. Some strengths include the use of voice on platforms, engaging with their fans, a "behind the scene" look of the players, and making the players appear more authentic. Weaknesses for the Wild include, they are a younger brand, have a lot of competition in the NHL, they also do not have the same "voice" on every platform, and they are not using their Pinterest to its full potential. The Wild must find a balance between being genuine with their followers, and still being able to grow their brand following.