King Arthur Flour social media audit

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement Spring 2019
Kenney, Eklutna
King Arthur Flour shares more than just their flour with their followers on social media; they educate, intrigue, and excite people who want to learn about baking. The brand's friendly face is more than merely a facade - it is authentic and backed by an enthusiastic employee run company. The company is personal in every post, bringing life to a basic substance that helps so many people live. They make their product exciting by incorporating many aspects of the baking community with passion for food and learning. King Arthur Flour's social media goals are to grow their audience, to identify and catch on to trends, to gain insight regarding what they should be doing to best engage their audience, and, finally, to target the right audience. This paper analyzes each social media platform they use for strengths and weaknesses. Their strengths include their responsiveness, incorporation of community, and focus on learning about working with flour. Their areas of potential improvement consist of using more of their followers' creative content, emphasizing the company's environmental initiatives, and their ecological and ethical business practices. Overall, this paper synthesizes what makes King Arthur Flour stand out from other comparable companies.