Caring Scoops ice cream

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement Fall 2019
Farrow, Anna
The Small Business Ice Cream II class is a special topics course that focuses on starting and running a small ice cream business. The class, alongside the Enactus student organization, have identified what resources are needed to start a small business and have evaluated the start-up considerations needed to bring this business to market. Our goal is to create brand recognition through the sales of our ice cream both on campus and through wholesale accounts in the greater Plymouth area. In order to do this, we are actively conducting market research, aligning distribution channels with our brand, and developing market strategies to promote the brand and cause. We plan to donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Bridge House, a homeless shelter serving veterans and their families in Plymouth and the Lakes Region. We intend to seek funding and support for the purchase of a mobile bike cart that will sell 8 oz cups of ice cream on campus and market the Caring Scoops brand. In addition, we are working on creating long-term vendor relationships alongside The Common Man chain of restaurants to distribute and sell pint-size containers.