The portrayal and representation of Ed Kemper in Mind Hunter

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement Spring 2019
Davis, Mariah
Hall, Renee
The research conducted within this textual analysis study examined the portrayal and representation of Edmund Kemper in the Netflix show, Mind Hunter. Serial killers and their crimes have become a popular genre of media. This is a crucial topic to study because as the genre grows, misconceptions among serial killers may become more popular. Consumers who often consume this type of media end up bolstering a specific stereotype concerning serial killers. This research study analyzes the portrayal of this one specific individual. The researchers watched multiple viewings of the show and analyzed the representation of Kemper, specifically his physical appearance and characteristics, nonverbal and verbal communication. Kemper's representation and portrayal in the show is aligned with multiple theories including, cultivation theory, feminist theories, masculinity theories and other previous literature conducted. We encourage further research to be conducted in regard to this show and other shows and films that focus on serial killers.