The effectiveness of ankle taping and bracing on joint position sense of functionally unstable ankles following an exercise regime

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athletic training , 2003
Cecchinato, Andrea Leigh
Effectiveness of ankle tape and ankle brace on joint position sense (JPS) was assessed in subjects with one functionally unstable ankle, before and after exercise in a full weight bearing stance. In this study, subjects (N =31) with one functionally unstable ankle were randomly assigned to a condition (tape, brace, or control), measured JPS on a position awareness device, exercised for 20 min, re-measured JPS. A 3 x 3 (condition x test) mixed factorial ANOVA indicated that no significant (p = .589) interaction existed between test (pre-prophylactic, post-prophylactic, or post-exercise) and condition. A second 3x3x3(condition x test x angle) mixed factorial ANOVA was computed and a significant (p = .032) interaction was noted for test by angle. Three ranges of angles were used during the tests; low range (0° - 6°) mid-range (7° - 13°); and high-range (14° - 20°). Pairwise comparisons and a Tukey's HSD post - hoc tests showed that significant (p < .05) differences exist in JPS errors existed before and after exercise in the mid-range angle group, than when compared to the low and high range angles.