The Impact of Mindfulness on Stress Levels of Teachers and Students

dc.contributor.authorZhu, Peihan
dc.description.abstractAN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Peihan Zhu for the degree of Doctor of Education in Learning, Leadership, and Community Presented on July 26, 2023 Title: The Impact of Mindfulness on Stress Levels of Teachers and Students Abstract approved: ________________________________________________ Christie Sweeney, Ed.D. Dissertation Committee Chair The purpose of this study was to understand the impact of mindfulness practices on the stress levels of teachers and students when those practices are integrated into the classroom in a systematic and purposeful manner. This study utilized qualitative case study methodology to investigate a mindfulness program’s impact on teachers and students. Data were collected using surveys, interviews, and school resources about the mindfulness program. Direct participants in this study were teaching/academic staff, administrative staff, and school administrators. Students were indirectly involved in this study. In this study, surveys were attempted by 46 teaching/academic staff and administrative staff. A total of three school administrators completed the surveys. Interviews were completed with five teaching/academic staff, one administrative staff, and two school administrators. The researcher also reviewed 21 student surveys designed, conducted, and provided by a wellness and social science educator at the school. The findings from this study have indicated that when mindfulness practices are implemented in a systematic and purposeful manner, as exemplified at the research site, THE IMPACT OF MINDFULNESS ON TEACHERS AND STUDENTS iii the program and the corresponding implementation of mindfulness practices demonstrated positive impacts on the stress reduction of teachers and students, while extending these impacts to administrators and the broader school community. Some examples of these positive impacts: teachers stated that practicing mindfulness transformed their teaching experiences, they felt less stressed, became more caring, and experienced improved relations with students; students stated practicing mindfulness helped them be calm, recenter, manage stress, and allowed them to resort to love and confidence; participating faculty/staff observed school administrators used mindfulness skills to connect the community as a whole; many participants described the mindfulness program at the school, along with the variety of mindfulness practices, helped foster a community of mutual understanding and connection.
dc.description.sponsorshipChristie Sweeney Annette Holba Cynthia Vascak Nathaniel Bowditch
dc.titleThe Impact of Mindfulness on Stress Levels of Teachers and Students
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