Staging a clinical performance

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Legacy, Kelly
"Staging a Clinical Performance" is a cross-cluster, cross discipline collaborative between the Arts & Technology Cluster & the Health & Human Enrichment Cluster. This project will work with faculty and external partners with medical and theater expertise, to develop a curriculum to train PSU students to act as standardized and simulated patients for Allied Health Profession programs. *Standardized/Simulated Patient is an actor who performs the role of a patient. Students in the clinical allied health programs will work with standardized patients to integrate clinical knowledge and "soft skills" early and often in simulated clinical practice environments. Working with standardized patients will generate cultural competence, critical thinking, and the formation of sound clinical decisions in high fidelity situations. The demand for standardized patients affords MTD/acting students opportunity to gain specialty certification that opens new doors for their future careers. Students get to practice and get receive appraisal of their performance and improvisational techniques, with some freedom to portray their character encompassing a variety of emotional/social challenges for clinical allied health students to respond to as they would need to in real world clinical experiences and jobs. Students will broaden their acting portfolios through this process and can market themselves more broadly in the professional world After completing the requested educational training, faculty will be Certified Standardized Patient Educators able to sponsor/host professional development opportunities to a growing network of external partners who use SSPs to augment health professions education and training.