Examining Teacher Preparedness, Training, and Self-Efficacy to Teach Refugee Students

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refugee students, newcomer students, in-service training, professionally development, culturally responsive teaching, Emotional intelligence, self-efficacy
Johnson, Ginelle
An abstract of the dissertation of Ginelle Johnson for the degree of Doctor of Education in Leadership, Learning, and Community Presented on July 28, 2022 Title: Examining Teacher Preparedness, Training, and Self-Efficacy to Teach Refugee Students Abstract Approved: Name: Marcel Lebrun Dissertation Committee Chair The purpose of this study was to determine if teachers feel prepared or have had training to teach refugee students in New Hampshire high schools. Refugee students continue to enter schools with complex needs that can affect their overall success in schools. Through a quantitative study, the relationship between preparedness, training and a teacher’s self-efficacy was conducted. Survey participants included 98 teachers from five schools in New Hampshire that have higher numbers of refugee student enrollment. Results revealed that a majority of teachers feel they are not prepared to meet the academic needs (70%) and social emotional (79%) needs of refugee students in their secondary mainstream classrooms. A new finding was discovered that 25% of teachers did not know that they had refugees in their classrooms and 50% did not have comfortability to teach them, which may contribute to these feelings of preparedness to teach refugees. Overall, 93% of teachers do not feel that in-service professional development has prepared them to teach refugee students. The results also showed that teacher training in the areas of culturally responsive (71%) and Emotional intelligence (53%), did not affect the teachers overall self-efficacy to teach in their secondary iii classrooms but did influence their feelings of preparedness to teach refugee students. Findings from this study may be an important consideration for administrators and schools as they plan their training and professional development for teachers of refugee students. It is important to focus on effective strategies to meet the diverse needs of refugee students, so teachers have the skills they need to feel prepared to teach this special population.