Grit and Persistence in Student Affairs

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burnout, grit, longevity. persistence. student affairs
Salter, Matthew J.
The purpose of this study was to determine if an individual's level of grit can serve as a factor of persistence in master's prepared student affairs professionals in the higher education profession. While research exists on burnout and why people leave the field of student affairs, this study sought to explore if grit is a factor in persistence or longevity. There was significant difference in the grit scores, with respondents who plan to stay in the field of student affairs and higher education having higher grit scon:s than those individuals who are unsure of what their future plans are. Significant differences in grit scores also existed between females and males, with those who identified as female having higher grit scores. There was a significant difftrence in the grit scores, with those participants from both Connecticut and New Hampshire having higher grit scores than student affairs practitioners from Maine. The small sample size from Maine could lead to a sampling error in these findings. Individuals who plan to remain in the student affairs field may he grittier than individuals who are indifferent to remaining in the field.