Mathematical Narratives and Perspectives of Emerging Elementary Educators

dc.contributor.authorBanks, Stephanie
dc.description.abstractAN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Stephanie M. Banks for the degree of Doctor of Education Presented on February 9, 2023 Title: Mathematical Narratives and Perspectives of Emerging Elementary Educators Abstract approved: February 13, 2023 Annette M. Holba, PhD Dissertation Chair This narrative inquiry study explored how emerging elementary educators perceived their understanding of mathematics learning and teaching as they became elementary educators. The study considered how past experiences influenced emerging educators’ frames of reference as they began to teach elementary mathematics. Methods consisted of individual interviews and focus groups with pre-service and in-service elementary educators. Participants also completed a mathematics self-efficacy inventory. Findings indicated participants embraced new mathematics strategies and valued mathematics reasoning over memorization, however, deeply rooted habits of mind, particularly related to beliefs about mathematics abilities persisted. Participants described challenges primarily associated with mathematics programs used by their schools and districts. Furthermore, many participants discussed a practice disconnect between what they learned in their teacher preparation programs and the realities of being in a classroom. Teacher educators should acknowledge prior experiences and incoming beliefs of pre-service teachers and may need to provide opportunities to question and deconstruct unproductive beliefs and attitudes in the pre-service classroom.
dc.description.sponsorshipAnnette M. Holba Karen J. Graham Tiffany Karalis Noel Nathaniel Bowditch
dc.titleMathematical Narratives and Perspectives of Emerging Elementary Educators