Plymouth Mountain/Fauver Preserve I-tree

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Student Showcase of Excellence 2017
Steenbergen, Matthew
Poirer, Kate
Guy, Adam
Kirk, Chris
Johnston, Alex
The town of Plymouth, through participation in the Land Conservation Investment Program, acquired Plymouth Mountain tract, a 1,100-acre woodland area. The area is owned by Green Acre Woodlands Inc., and the town of Plymouth used state funds to purchase a conservation easement on the Plymouth Mountain Property. Plymouth Mountain tract is located in the south-west quadrant of the town and is accessible from the Texas Hill Rd. This area was targeted for its size, forest productivity, important wildlife habitat, and recreational opportunities. Timber management has taken place from 1980 to present, and the forest is 90% hardwood and 10% softwood. Some tree species located in the area are sugar maple, beech, red maple, yellow/white birch, white ash, pine and spruce. The Conservation Commission manages all trails while Green Acre Woodlands Inc. manages it as a long-term woodland investment. The conservation easement was sold for $200,000 in June, 1991. Fauver parcel is a 104.6 acre conservation easement donated by Alfred Fauver. The parcel is appraised at $160,000 in December 1989. The land is located on the east and west sides of Texas hill Rd, with additional frontage on Old Hebron Rd. The entire parcel is forested and there are several stonewall boundary lines defining the area. The Town of Plymouth plans to manage the parcels for long-term sustained forestry, they also plan to manage wildlife enhancement.