Pandemic Teaching: An Examination of Teacher Identity during COVID-19

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Pandemic teaching, COVID-19, teacher identity, metaphors
Pinard, Gilberte
AN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Gilberte Seymour Pinard for the degree of Doctor of Education in Learning, Leadership and Community Presented on March 28, 2022 Title: Pandemic Teaching: An Examination of Teacher Identity during COVID-19 Abstract approved: Kathleen Norris, Ed.D., Dissertation Committee Chair This qualitative research describes the consequences of the sudden shift to pandemic instruction on teacher identity during the first 15 months of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study used a phenomenological approach to capture teachers’ experiences during the pandemic. The researcher conducted semi-structured interviews with eight middle school teachers in New Hampshire. Data were analyzed using reflexive thematic analysis. Participants in this study expressed feelings of inadequacy and uncertainty due to their lack of preparation and the frequently changing guidelines and parameters associated with COVID-19. The researcher found that teaching during the pandemic did result in a change in teacher identity. Furthermore, 75% of participants indicated that their teacher identity had shifted to a more nurturing one, focused on community building. These findings indicate a need for future continuity of operations plans to include professional development in the areas of instructional technology and social-emotional learning as well as structured time for teacher collaboration.