Kayla Itsines: the key to virtual training success

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social media , fitness training , marketing , Kayla Itsines , Student Showcase of Excellence 2017
Paquin, Samantha
The virtual training market dominates modern social media, and Kayla Itsines dominates the virtual training market. Itsines is the number one searched for women's fitness trainer on the internet. What is fueling her success? The answer lies in her strategic use of social media to engage with her audience.The purpose of this study is to analyze, critique, and provide recommendations for the social media strategy of Kayla Itsines and her company Bikini Body Guide Inc. The first phase of this project involves a textual analysis of Itsines' major social media accounts including: Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Content, audience engagement, brand impact, and exposure are analyzed to determine the purpose and effectiveness of each medium. Next, the data from each platform is compiled to examine the over-all focus of Kayla Itsine's social media strategy. Recommendations for improvement are then formulated. Considering good social media marketing practices, and the socio-cultural norms/expectations of Itsines' target audience, the recommendations for improvement are: Reduce amount of social media saturation; A company rebrand that moves away from the term