"Canning" Social Capital: Rural Literacy, Community Resilience, and Solving the Rural Schools Problem

dc.contributor.authorRobinson, Sean
dc.description.abstractAN ABSTRACT OF THE DISSERTATION OF Sean R. Robinson for the degree of Doctor of Education Presented on November 30, 2023 Title: "Canning" Social Capital: Rural Literacy, Community Resilience, and Solving the Rural Schools Prpblem Abstract Approved: November 29, 2023 Scott Mantie, Ph.D., Dissertation Committee Chair Over the last fifty years, populations in the northern and western counties of New Hampshire have decreased. As part of a nationwide phenomenon that has been under study for decades, the concern for learning in rural communities has been of national interest for much longer. Literature in the fields of rural education, rural literacy, and community resilience suggests a link between rural educational practices and social capital-the intangible attachments that link, bridge, and bond people, communities, and the government and allows communities to face socioeconomic challenges. This study investigated the relationship was between educational practices in public high schools in the rural counties of New Hampshire and the social capital of the communities that support them. A convergent mixed-methods study was designed to identify curriculum and learning in public high schools inside the study area, and to identify the level of social capital of each school district. Qualitative methodology including questionnaires, semi­ structured interviews, and document analysis were used to identify ways in which schools developed social capital. Quantitative methodology used the Social Capital Index to use publicly available census data to identify social capital for each district. The study found that while school districts provided a variety of opportunities for students to develop social capital, schools who worked with their communities as sites of learning had communities with higher social capital than those who viewed their communities predominantly as funding sources.
dc.description.sponsorshipScott Mantie Daniel Aldrich Kimberly Donehower Nathaniel Bowditch
dc.title"Canning" Social Capital: Rural Literacy, Community Resilience, and Solving the Rural Schools Problem
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