An analysis of Marvel Studio's social media presence

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Student Showcase of Research & Engagement 2018
Pulliam, Nicholas
This social media analysis of Marvel Studios examines the multiple platform engagement of a prominent media company. It covers the major social media platforms they use and provides feedback on where the studio is doing well and where there is room to improve. I first examine the history of the company to provide a groundwork for the rest of the analysis. After that, I examined their presence on every major social media platform. Once that was complete I reviewed what they were doing well and where there was room to improve. I also compared Marvel to other film studios and concluded that what Marvel is doing isn't necessarily creative in any discernible way, but that it is still effective. This type of project is an important one for Media Studies, because this is the type of work one may find yourself doing for a professional media company once you get out of college. Social Media is an increasingly important tool for virtually every company and so it's crucial for students to have practice when it comes to understanding what each platform is used for and how to communicate that to potential employers.